New Year's not-resolutions at Malvern Buttery

So, my good friend Allie and I had a business date at Malvern Buttery recently (hello gluten free pumpkin cake and freshly brewed coffee!). We talked and dreamt and planned for the future; the exciting things happening in our businesses, where we want to go and what it takes to get there. And I want to get there!

Though it would seem a couple weeks late, I wanted to share with you my New Year's not-resolutions. Here's my side note on that really quick: there is WAY too much pressure that's involved when you make a "new years" resolution. We don't need to pick this single day to change something - we as people fail, and that's okay; it's knowing that you can pick yourself back up and start on January 21st, March 3rd, December 30th or whatever the next day is and just keep going! Setting goals and continuing to pursue them even when you feel like you've failed, that's what will hold. So, here are my 2017 and beyond goals (because I want to always be striving for more):

1. To serve my clients better - you are wonderful souls and I want to be there for you

2. To pick up my camera on a more daily basis - I am in love with capturing real moments, emotions, and life, so why would I not capture my own?

3. Be more consistent with posting to social media (get ready to see more beautiful images of beautiful people, frames of my life, and words from my heart)...starting now.

I can't wait for all of the stories I get to hear and be a part of telling this year!

Also, completely unrelated but can I just take a quick moment to point out this beautiful Elie Tahari coat that I found at a local thrift store the other week? Completely in love!