Micah and Kayla's Joyful Saint Augustine Wedding

Last month I was in St. Augustine's sunny summer of March getting ready to photograph Kayla and Micah's wedding. And THESE TWO! My goodness. A tiny bit of a backstory: I've known Micah since highschool, when he was rocking an afro and tripp pants (needless to say we've come a long way since then). I first met Kayla for their engagement session at Valley Forge National Park last year and quickly found out that she is one of the sweetest people that exists. Probably ever.

They are the perfect fit! Through and through.

I can't even begin to explain to you have much joy filled this day! From the very beginning of the day we were all in tears. Micah with his mom, Kayla's first look with her dad - some of the most wonderful moments that I had the privilege of being there to experience and capture for them. (I will never stop being in awe of that) And it just kept going throughout the day! There is so much love between these two, their families, and friends. I hope you have so much fun looking through these photos to relive the memories or experience it all for the first time!

Congratulations once more to Mr. and Mrs. Nihart <3 Can't wait until I can come visit you both!