Malachi's French Creek State Park Senior Session

This senior session was extra special (and just kind of surreal) to me. This is my brother, Malachi. He is someone who has the goofiest sense of humor, an amazing talent to pick new things up and do them like it's his 100th time (such as riding unicycle and playing ukulele - as demonstrated below), and has the most caring, sensitive heart for others.

He's also forever-eight in my mind. So to think that he just graduated last week is one of the strangest things! 

Malachi, I am so proud of you and am constantly amazed by your spirit. Thank you for being super chill, someone I can always make crazy faces at across the dinner table, and for all of your giant hugs. I'm so crazy excited to see what's in store for you moving forward into this next season in your life - you'll be used in incredible ways, never doubt it.