Autumn in December

I decided to go out early, early the other morning and shoot something a little bit different for myself than what I typically show. No people, no pets, just my camera, creative spirit, and props! It was a little strange not having a moving subject in front of my frame, but so exhilarating, still. To know I got the shot after setting everything up so precisely, ensuring each piece of grass and yarn was in place, carefully turning the bottles and shifting my light. I loved the attention to detail involved and am really excited to continue building up this portfolio!

It has been so unusually warm these past few weeks (hello 64 degrees nine days before Christmas??). It made me think of all the fall colors that typically go with this weather, so in absence of snow I declared the middle of December to be still autumn this year and largely used that as my inspiration for shooting and retouching!

It was such a joy breathing in the morning air, even though the sun did decide to sleep in. The soft light was perfect for this quiet, warm shoot and I couldn't be more thrilled with how these turned out! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do