Cornbread and November Resolutions

October, November, and a piece of December, already gone...

What?? Time moves way too quickly.

So, I have this premature New Year's aspiration: to pick up my camera during everyday life, to capture these moments and memories happening around me... it's so easy to forget how precious each day is, between busy schedules and still moments. All of it is worth remembering.

I decided to start after this resolution a little early; with one of our family traditions: the Thanksgiving cornbread prep. Every year we begin cooking about three days before Thanksgiving, making one of the most important dishes of them all: stuffing. We start with the cornbread...way too much cornbread and try hard as we can to not sneak too many pieces as they dry out on the dining room table, awaiting Thanksgiving day. Typically my mother and one or two helpers will brave the ingredients, oven and pans; this year Courtney and Matthias volunteered. We had such a wonderful afternoon baking and laughing! 

In the end we had six pans of piping hot cornbread on the table and these few images I snapped. Memories well worth preserving.